Holiday season '23/'24, Curaçao.

Holiday season '23/'24, Curaçao.

"Hey Siri, play Scheveningen by Juny Martina."

As we endure Amsterdam's gloomy January weather, we can't help but reminisce about our first homecoming since Kurashi's inception. We'd like to give you a brief recap of this special trip, where we reconnected with our roots, old friends, families, and gave back to the island where four of us—Dani, Karel, Lennert, and Malik—grew up.

Surprise gig at Mr. Porter

After a hearty welcome by our families and acclimatizing to the scorching Caribbean sun, we decided to visit the venue where we'd be playing on New Year’s Eve—Mr. Porter in the Pietermaai district. This overdue introduction led to an invitation to host a surprise gig on the following Thursday, December 21st, which we eagerly accepted.

Given the limited time for promotion, we kept our expectations low, viewing it as a chance to play some tunes while attendees enjoyed their drinks. To our surprise, the venue was packed as old friends turned up in support once the news spread. Malik reminded us why he's a a loose cannon by shutting the place down with local trap classic “Nunka Mi’n Snitch” by Lil Homie.

Safe to say, Mr. Porter 🤝🏽 Kurashi—to be continued.

Pop-up and afterparty at Piso Sero

Following a much-needed Christmas respite with our families, it was time for the event we had been planning for the past several months: our pop-up store and afterparty at Piso Sero on December 28th. Launching a Curaçao-only release had been a dream from the outset. So the release and warm reception of the baby tees felt like a genuine milestone.

With Chris and the rest of the Piso Sero team, we turned their versatile venue into a welcoming collaborative space for visitors to admire art, enjoy drinks, browse our new clothing line, and dance the warm Caribbean night away.

The turnout was humbling; everyone showed up—from family members to childhood friends, local artists, complete strangers, and even former high school teachers (shout out to mevrouw Dalnoot).

Netto Bar

The very next day presented arguably the most special gig of the entire trip. We had the honor of hosting a night at the legendary Netto Bar, the island’s oldest bar, and a symbol of Otrobanda—the neighborhood where Karel, Lennert, and Malik grew up. For some reason, we unanimously felt this had to be an all-Latin night. Armed with Cuban cigars and USBs brimming with enough Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, and Dembow to light up any quinceañera we set up a makeshift DJ booth and kicked off the evening.

As the night progressed, the bar and streets filled with the most diverse crowd we'd ever seen at our events. We even saw a toddler. The green-lit bar and surrounding streets filled with Otrobandistas and outsiders alike, always leaving just enough room for couples to spin each other around.

"Esaki ta un bon salsa." -The older gentleman with the yellow Camaro wearing suspenders.

Mr Porter NYE street party

The turbulent year that was 2023 couldn’t go out without a bang.

In Curaçao, New Year’s festivities kick off on the afternoon of December 31st. The vibrant streets of Pietermaai and Punda transform into a noisy, smoky melting pot of block parties, barbecues, brass bands, and pagaras (Chinese firecrackers). We had the pleasure of hosting a block party with Mr. Porter, alongside Jay Stax and our day one, Amadeus.

Starting at 13:00 with coconuts and galiña ku batata, the afternoon began with classic Dancehall and Reggaeton. As temperatures dropped and energy levels rose, Karel and Lennert's older brother, Max, made an appearance to lay down some live bass guitar. Tera Kòrá, another day one, even rushed from the airport to the gig after his flight landed at 16:30, just in time to join the set’s finale with his Ku Lo Sa x Sensimillia edit, as fireworks lit up the night sky.

Fun fact: Meanwhile, back in Amsterdam, Jack and Pablo were simultaneously hosting a NYE party in Paradiso’s basement with Tida Kamara, Glabra, and Deemz.

Sakudí at Piso Sero with Tera Kòrá, Amadeus, and Veinte Uñas

After a relaxing week filled with family BBQs and regular beach trips to Bandabou, we were ready for the final leg of the tour. We had the pleasure of returning to Piso Sero’s iconic venue in the streets of Punda. This time, we were invited to spin some tunes at Sakudí, alongside Tera Kòrá, Amadeus, and Veinte Uñas.

Last goodbye at Mr. Porter

As the trip neared its end, we had to run it back one more time. The good people of Mr. Porter, invited us, along with Tera Kòrá and Amadeus, for one last farewell. It felt right to come full circle and end where we started. The attendees brought their last reserves of energy, allowing us to transition from Merengue, to Batida, even some Jungle, and wind down the night, and homecoming tour, with Kante Hélele by Izaline Calister.

Now, we're back and adapted to the short, cold winter days. Having revisited our birthplace and felt the love and support from the community has fuelled our drive for even more ambitious projects this year. Words can't fully express our gratitude to everyone who supported us. We'll be back sooner than you think. Thank you, it was real.

Special shoutouts to Kaïa, Fabian and the Mr. Porter team, Chris and everyone at Piso Sero, Vaibi, Kerr, Joshua, Amadu, Jay Stax, Lida, and Max.