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Kurashi Racing Team Cap (Grey)

Kurashi Racing Team Cap (Grey)

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5 Panel Corduroy cap with Front Embroidered design, featuring a leather strap and brass buckle.

With this item we aim to expand our visual identity, incorporating elements of road culture in Curacao.

Tradition to some, public safety hazard to everyone, fever is an undeniable part of road culture in Curacao. To pay homage to this wild phenomenon, in which people race and drift with modified cars, motorbikes, and quads, we designed a cap that allows everyone to be part of our racing team.
In the vibrant street culture of Curacao, owning motor vehicles, such as motorbikes and quads, holds a special significance. These vehicles are not only modes of transportation but also symbols of status and recognition within the community, they are considered trophies, representing a level of respect and street cred.


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